What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport in which players shoot very small plastic spheres at one another. Unlike paintball, the plastic spheres do not leave a trace or splatter mark on their opponent. In turn, this sport relies on an honor code that once hit, the player will honorable call themselves out. Beyond this major difference, airsoft differs from paintball in other minor ways. Airsoft general uses most realistic looking guns than paintball. This can also be seen in the general airsoft community’s attire. Also players over the age of 18 don’t have to wear a full frontal covering face mask.

Airsoft at PAP

PAP offers a number of fields and game types for airsoft. Players can expect several games played throughout the day at PAP. Like most other airsoft supported parks, PAP requires every player under the age of 18 to wear a full frontal covering face mask. If you are over the age of 18 you only required to have sealed goggles. Also when leaving the fields players are expected to remove their magazine from their gun and keep it out until entering a field. Unlike other airsoft parks, PAP requires all players to use a Barrel Cover in the general park areas. These can be purchased at the Pro-shop. PAP also requires all players to follow the park guidelines and safety rules (URL pending).