PAP has a total of 7 fields: 5 Woodsball and 2 Airball themed fields.

Woodsball Fields



Once a small town, the Woods field has now succumbed to the forces of nature. Players will be battling in and between buildings, vehicles, pits, trees, and bushes. Just as mother nature slowly crept control of this town, camouflaged players will find it easy to sneak up on their enemy and dominate the field.  The Woods field has two playing variants: Half field and Whole field. The Half field includes the flat lying topography while the Whole field includes the adjacent hill slope. The hill portion of the field is completely dominated with vegetation and provides a great natural overlook of the main portion of the field. Snipers and flankers are most likely to have control of the hill. Overall the Woods field is a hybrid of classic woodsball and urban warfare.


Inspired by the tale of the West, Tombstone is a classic rendition of an old ghost town. Players will be battling in and around western storefronts, wagons and a graveyard. Tombstone is a fast passed field, structured around three lanes of play: the alleys, the outskirts and the main road. Players will have to be weary of the many lines of sight interconnecting each lane. Like Woods, Tombstone has two playing variants: Classic Tombstone and Bent Tombstone.  Classic Tombstone is a rectangle, whereas Bent Tombstone is the shape of an “L.” Tombstone is a field where players will be able to express their inner outlaw or deputy. After playing on Tombstone players will be saying “I’m your Huckleberry!”


The Hill field is receiving a long overdue update and new theme. Be on the look out for new bunkers and themed decorations this coming year. Hint: “Tombs and Treasures.”





Outpost (Invasion)

In the outreaches of the park lies a small military outpost. This outpost was the HQ for a small mercenary group ravaging the local towns and pillaging nearby treasures. Players will get to experience the fastest and most intense game-play on this field. Players will have to communicate and strategize like a small army in order to win the battle. Be weary though, because once flanked, you can consider the game over! Good luck and Godspeed comrade!



Once upon a time there were knights and dragons, now come and play the ruins of the round table. Village is our largest and most dynamic field. Players will have the opportunity to play in and around buildings, spools, tubes, trees, bushes, a river bank, and the most famous Castle! The Castle is a two-story fortress! Settled right in the middle of the field, the Castle is the best advantage point for any player or team. It makes for a great place for snipers, spotters, defenders. Speaking of defending, this field is is also known for the game type called “Defend the Castle.” This is a variant of the field in which one team defends the Castle from within and another attacks/rushes the Castle from one or two sides of the Castle. Other variants of the field include: Half field, Whole field, and The Village-Outpost. The Half field variant is play from the front of the Castle to the entrance. The Whole field is reserved for a larger number of players in which the castle is the center of the field and teams start on either end of the field. The Village-Outpost variant is played from side to side; one team starts in Outpost the other by the river within Village. Whatever variant you play, you are going to be begging to play Village again.


Airball Fields

The Turf 

Painball Adventures Park - Airball Field - Taneytown, MD
Speedball at its finest. Like the name suggests, the Turf field is an auto-turf field reserved for speedball practices, drills, and tournaments. Layouts are constantly changing to keep up with relevant tournament layouts. It is formatted for 3 man, 5 man, X-Ball, and 7 man games. The turf is equipped with convenient air filling stations near the entrance of the field. The field is also equipped with bleachers for audiences that wanna watch the players in all their thunderous glory.


The Grass Field

Similar to its counter part, the Turf field, the Grass field is a speedball course reserved for practices, drills, tournaments, and recreational play. And like other speedball courses this field is designed for 3 man, 5 man, X-Ball, and 7 man games. This field is equipped with two netted buildings for teams to rest, strategize, and reload for future games. The primary difference between its counterpart is it constructed on good-old natural dirt and grass!