Safety Rules & Park Guidelines

Would you like to know our park guidelines and safety policies or just want to refresh your memory? Feel free to read the following lists of PAP’s Park Guidelines and Safety Rules below.



Article I. Safety Rules & Park Guidelines

Section 1.01 Safety Rules 

(a) Major Safety Rules

(i) There are NO exceptions to these rules and thus everyone must obey these rules.
1) Paintball Mask
a) Before entering a field a player must wear his/her mask. While on the fields a player must at all times wear the mask within the fields!
2) Barrel Cover
a) A player must place his/her barrel cover on the barrel of the gun before exiting the field! The barrel cover must remain on the barrel when outside the fields.
b) Barrel Plugs are NOT accepted here at PAP.
a) Physical contact with another player will result in immediate removal from the park
4) Blind Firing
a) A player is NOT allowed to shoot their weapon without looking at what they are shooting at

(b) Minor Safety Rules

(i) These rules are in ALWAYS in play within Recreational Paintball (Rec Ball), yet within private parties and other special events these rules CAN be adjusted or ruled out.
1) The Surrender Rule
a) Within ten feet a player is not allowed to shoot another player. If a player is within ten feet, the first player to yell “Surrender!” eliminates the other player(s). The player who yelled “Surrender!” is still alive and may continue playing the game.
b) If an enemy player is within a house or behind a fence, a friendly player may knock on the structure and yell “Surrender!” to eliminate the enemy player(s) within/behind the structure.
2) Getting Out
a) Each player has only ONE life per round/game. A player can become out by:
i) Being hit anywhere on the player’s body
ii) Being hit anywhere on the weapon
iii) Being “Surrendered” by another player
b) Once a player is out, that player should raise their hand high, and quickly walk to the side of the field to watch until the referee says otherwise. Players who are out are NOT allowed to relay information to players still in the game.
c) If a paintball hits a player and does NOT explode, that player is NOT out. If a player is splattered by paint that exploded off a different surface, that player is NOT out.
3) Paint Checks
a) If a player believes he/she has hit another player, but that player did NOT call themselves out, then a player may request a Paint Check from a referee.
b) If a player believes he/she has been hit, that player may request a Paint Check on themselves from a referee.

Section 1.02 Park Guidelines

(a) General Rules

(i) These rules extend all throughout the park and every guest must obey these rules
1) Clean Up Your Trash
a) Please keep this park a fun and clean environment by placing your trash into the trash rings stationed throughout the park.
2) Pets
a) You may bring your pet to the park, however your pet must be on a leash at all times.
3) Do NOT throw paint
a) Do NOT throw paint at vehicles or buildings. Paint is destructive towards siding, and wood. We would like our buildings to be clean and last as long as possible.
4) Do NOT shoot the buildings or airbags on the fields on purpose
a) Again paint is destructive to wood and other materials, we would like the buildings to last as long as possible.
5) Use our paint ONLY
a) We sell a specialized selection of paint that is significantly less harmful to the environment and bursts a specific color. You may bring our paint back and reuse it another day.
a) This is an intense and fun sport, yet please keep a leveled head and open mind when playing. As stated before, this is a kid-friendly environment.