Private Parties

Basic Information & Inclusions of a Private Party

Private Parties are private events in which a group plays with their own members of their group. These are a great way to celebrate a Birthday or Bachelor’s Party. All Private Parties at PAP are two hours long and include a private referee that will guide the players throughout the experience. Although Private Parties are at minimum of ten players, you can still purchase a Private Party under 10 player. In the case that the group size is under 10 players we will still charge charge you for ten players. Private Parties also receive two large cheese pizzas (from “No Anchovies Pizza”) and two 2 liter sodas. After the original base of ten players, every additional five players we will provide another large cheese pizza, and 2 liter soda. EXAMPLE (1): 15 players will receive three pizzas, and three 2 liter sodas EXAMPLE (2): 25 players will receive five pizzas and five 2 liter sodas. You will be provided with the food and drink as well as plastic plates, cups, and napkins at the end of the party, once all the equipment rentals has been returned. NOTE: Private Parties are only limited to the play time and their amount of ammo.


In order to schedule a Private Party one of the members of the group needs to reserve a two hour time spot one week prior to the event’s desired date. TO RESERVE A SPOT, YOU NEED TO SCHEDULE ONLINE OR CALL PAP AND SPEAK TO A REPRESENTATIVE! Calling and leaving a message is NOT an acceptable way to reserve a Private Party, thus will not be processed nor reserved. When talking to a representative or scheduling online you will be expected to pay at minimum of a $50 deposit. All cancellations must be made three days prior to scheduled date, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded. Unlike Recreational Airsoft and Recreational Paintball, Private Parties can be scheduled during the weekdays in addition to weekends. To reserve date and time via online please click the “BOOK NOW” button at the bottom of this page, otherwise call (410)-756-4200. Once reserved we ask you to arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled time. We ask this so that your group has enough time to fill out paper work so that your group starts playing at the scheduled time. One of the ways to do that is for the player to fill out all the waivers prior to arrival. Click here to view the waiver.

Types & Prices of Private Parties

Private Parties players can play one of the following sports: Airsoft, Paintball, Low-Impact Paintball, or Splat-Master Paintball. For more information about the differences of AirsoftPaintball, Low-Impact paintball, and Splat-Master paintball please click the relative links.

Airsoft, Paintball, or Low-Impact Private Parties

  • Basic Private Party Package = Entry, Mask, paintball/AEG-airsoft gun, hopper/magazine, 3000 psi tank, 300 rounds of paintballs/1,000; 0.20 gram BBs = $35 per player

Splat-Master Private Parties

  • Basic Private Party Package = Entry, Mask, gun, 300 rounds of paintballs = $30 per player


Extras are additional items and add-ons that can be purchased in addition to the basic Private Party Package.

  • Extra Pizza = $16+ per pizza
  • Extra 2 Liter Soda = $3
  • Extra Play Time =  $25 per hour
  • Extra 500 rounds of Paintballs = $20+
  • Extra 2000 rounds of Paintballs = $50+

To schedule your Private Party online please click the “BOOK NOW” button below.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please see the FAQ section and/or speak to a representative at (410)-756-4200.