Recreational Paintball

Recreational Paintball

Recreational paintball is a form of play at PAP in which players play ~0.68 caliber paintball with the general public. Players can expect to play multiple different games throughout the day. The type of game depends on the field’s respective layout and topography. Games last until the game objective is complete or the time runs out at 15 minutes. In between games, the referee will verbally shout the location, time remaining until next game. EXAMPLE: “Village, 1 Minute!!!” Once the “Last Call” is shouted players who want to play the next game should follow the referee to the respective field. From there the referee will break the players into evenly matched teams (based off skill and number of players) and then soon after will play a game. Once a game is done, the referee will lead everyone off the field to the general park area. From here players will have at least 5 minutes to prepare for the next game, this includes, but not limited to reloading ammo, refilling air, going to the bathroom, quickly eating and/or drinking. This process will be repeated throughout the day until the park closes.

The basic requirements to play are: an Entry , a paintball gun, hopper, tank, paintballs, a Barrel Cover and face protection.

  • Entry = field fee and all-day free air fill-ups = $20
  • Season Pass = year round Entry and 7% discount in the Pro-shop = $150

If you have your own equipment, ammo (field paint ONLY), and paintball gun, all you need to purchase is an Entry. Otherwise you can rent equipment. See list below for options.

  • Mask = basic full frontal face protection = $5
  • Barrel Cover=$6
  • 3000 tank = 3000 psi compressed air tank = $8
  • 4500 tank = 4500 psi compressed air tank = $10
  • Gun Only = paintball gun, hopper, and Barrel Cover= $15
  • Rental Package 1 = Entry, Mask, a paintball gun, a hopper, a 3000 tank, and a Barrel Cover = $30
  • Rental Package 2 =¬†Entry , Mask, a paintball gun, a hopper, a 3000 tank, a Barrel Cover, and 500 rounds of paintballs = $40
  • Rental Package 4 =¬†Entry, Mask, an electric paintball gun and hopper, 4500 tank, a Barrel Cover, and 500 rounds of paintballs = $70

In terms of paintballs PAP sells a variety of quantities and qualities ranging from 500 rounds to 2000 rounds. Prices vary due to quantity and quality, however the basic prices are as follows.

  • 500 rounds = a bag of paintballs = $20+
  • 2000 rounds = 4 bags of paintballs = $50+

PAP requires every player to use a barrel cover when not on the fields. WE DO NOT RENT BARREL COVERS, however they can be purchased.

PAP also offers a Pro-shop that has various paintball guns, equipment, batteries and goodies for sale. Stop by and check out our Pro-shop.