What is Low-Impact?

Low-Impact paintball is a sport in which players shoot small rubbery spheres at one another called (you guessed it) paintballs.  Paintballs when stuck, breaks and leaves a paint residue.  In turn, when hit with a paintball there is proof that a player has been hit/shot. Like normal paintballing, Low-Impact paintballing both shoot at the same speeds. However unlike normal paintballs which are 0.68 caliber, Low-Impact paintballs are shot with 0.50 caliber sized paintballs. For this reason, Low-Impact paintballing hurts a bit less than normal paintballing.

When Low-Impact paintballing players are still required to wear a full frontal face mask in order to protect from serious injury. Please NOTE: In addition to a splatter mark it is common for Low-Impact paintballs to leave small penny-sized bruise and/or welt on the skin once shot.

Low-Impact Paintballing at PAP

The Low-Impact paintballing option is only offered for Private Parties at PAP. The minimum age for Low-Impact paintballing is 9 years old. When playing Low-Impact Paintballing during a Private Party players can expect to play on a number of fields and play several games played throughout the Private Party.

Like most other paintball parks, PAP requires every player when leaving the fields to use a Barrel Cover in the general park areas. PAP also requires all players to follow the park guidelines and safety rules (URL pending).