What is Splat Master?

Splat Master paintball is a sport in which players shoot small rubbery spheres at one another called (you guessed it) paintballs.  Paintballs when stuck, breaks and leaves a paint residue.  In turn, when hit with a paintball there is proof that a player has been hit/shot. Unlike traditional paintballs which are 0.68 caliber and are propelled through compressed gases, Splat Master paintballs are shot with 0.50 caliber sized paintballs and propelled through the usage of a spring. For this reason, Splat Master paintball hurts a significantly less and travel not as far as normal paintball.

Splat Master paintball players are still required to wear a full frontal face mask in order to protect from serious injury. Please NOTE: In addition to a splatter mark it is common for Low Impact paintballs to leave small dime-sized bruise and/or welt on the skin once shot.

Splat Master Paintball at PAP

The Splat Master paintball option is only offered for Private Parties at PAP. The minimum age for Splat Master paintball is 7 years old. When playing Splat Master paintball during a Private Party players can expect to play on a number of fields and play several games played throughout the Private Party.

Like most other paintball parks, PAP requires every player when leaving the fields to use a Barrel Cover in the general park areas. However, due to that fact that Splat Master paintballs do not travel far and hurt as much as traditional paintballs, Splat Master paintball gun only require Barrel Plugs (which will be provided with the Private Party). THIS IS THE ONLY PAINTBALL OPTION IN WHICH BARREL PLUGS ARE ALLOWED. PAP also requires all players to follow the park guidelines and safety rules (URL pending).